Current Culture: Anything Women Can Do, Men Can Do Better

Genesis 1:27 — So God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him; male and female he created them.

Time Magazine’s latest cover says “Beyond ‘He’ or ‘She’: The Changing Meaning of Gender and Sexuality”. Once again, an emperor without any clothing.

We live in a culture that has gone legitimately nuts. We live in a world where everyone is supposed to cheer the continued subjugation of women as men get cheered for dominating women’s sports.

Man wins female weightlifting competition.

Man wins female bike race.

Man wins female track meet.

Man competes in female track at Olympics.

Woman taking testosterone to “transition into man” wins against women not allowed to take said drugs.

Other ways our culture is saying men are better women than women are:

Man named “Woman of the Year”.

Man named latest “Cover Girl”.

And hey, don’t worry African-American community…you wanted to see more roles going to strong black women? Well here…we’ll give them to men pretending to be women, like on the new show Star.

Where are the true liberals? Where are the feminists? Why are so few standing up and saying that men don’t get to be women just by feeling they are so…or by chopping and reassembling body parts? Where are those standing up for the women and children being terrified by men (who aren’t even pretending to be women, mind you) in women’s bathrooms?

Read this blog about a woman who observed a man standing and just smuggly enjoying watching everyone inside the women’s restroom at DisneyLand. None of the women felt like they could do anything in protest.

Gender is fixed. Gender is immutable. Your feelings don’t determine your gender and neither does society. Both male and female are required for procreation and the continuing of the next generation. The emperor has no clothes. And the madness is terrifying.

Liberal Cognative Dissonance

*Liberal thoughts:

  • Men can be women.
  • Women can be men.
  • If a man/boy gets to be on the cover of a women’s magazine or a new spokesperson for a woman’s product, this is a cause to celebrate.
  • If a young man beats most other women in a women’s sport, it’s a cause to celebrate.
  • Yet…. Liberals are the champions of women. Republicans/Conservatives perpetuate a war on women.

How in the world are these viewpoints held simultaneously? Wait, it gets more confusing.

  • Marriage doesn’t need to be between a man and a woman, even though every cultural group in history has recognized it as so, we just came upon some special knowledge in 2001 that shows that was all unnecessary!
  • Unlike your gender, which can be changed depending on your feelings (even if you’re at a developmental level where you’d believe you were an alien if told so and you think you have an imaginary friend), sexuality is fixed and inborn. (This is one of those instances, like abortion, where science doesn’t help us, so don’t look into it.)
  • Gender doesn’t matter in parenting or marriage, it only matters that it’s TWO people. Why should it be two? Uh…I don’t know, because polygamy hasn’t become the flavor of the day or the next social justice warrior project yet, leave it alone.
  • Kids don’t need dads or moms, they just need gender-less adults. In fact, let’s start getting rid of the pronouns. Why do kids need basic English skills anymore? Those could hurt people’s feelings.
  • Now I’m super pro-gay and want all the rights and such, but also, you know another group of people that’s really been harassed? Muslims. I am pro-Muslim! I can’t believe cis-male-pronoun-gendered, lily-livered-white-check-your-species-privilege are always talking about how bad Muslims are! I mean, if they want to throw gay people from buildings, that’s their culture and their truth! If women can’t drive, it’s probably because Saudi Arabia knows better than us and we shouldn’t push our colonial notions of freedom on others, that’s like, so offensive.
  • Speaking of colonialism, let’s band together nations at the U.N. and try to force developing countries to stop acknowledging the single most important thing to the development of society: family. If they don’t start getting on board with how we want to redefine marriage in the U.S.A. we should imperially decide to take away our money for their food, clean water, meds and other aid. You know, because we actually do know best here in America, how to destroy the notions of sexual integrity and family structure.
  • Also, because I’m pro-gay, I want to make sure that anyone who doesn’t agree with that should be punished. A Westboro baptist family member who hates gay people shouldn’t be allowed to work for the Human Rights Campaign, but we should force Christian orgs to hire people who disagree with THEIR basic tenets and beliefs. Also, only famous designers should be allowed to refuse business to someone they disagree with, but small business owner old-ladies should be destroyed, because that’s what freedom and equality is all about.

Liberals manage to be pro-Muslim (when Islam mutilates female genitalia, beats women for not dressing to please men, kills rape victims, beheads and crucifies children, chucks gay people from the top of buildings), pro-gay, pro-women (as long as the woman was first a man), pro-science (unless the science tells them they are wrong (sexuality, abortion, climate change, economics, marriage, history, etc), pro-freedom (freedom to agree with them). I’m literally wondering how a person who holds these things does so without serious brain explosion. Oh, it’s because they haven’t thought about any of it. They’ve just chugged through liberal education, now content to simply silence the remaining common sense in the country. Ignorance is truly bliss!

*Note when I use the term Liberal, I don’t mean it at all how it’s been classified in the past. I’m referring to the current ideology behind the Democratic Party. The group that wants little kids to have sex changes, thinks abortion is ok regardless of development, age, or reason, and wants to get rid of both the 1st and 2nd Amendments. Aka, MODERN liberalism.