Facebook, You’re FIRED.

Amazing, amazing, amazing!!

Thus Spoke Stacy

Thus was my sentiment as I climbed aboard the Dreamweaver train Friday night. The hypocrite dial had been full-throttle all day long and I could bear it no more;  it seems that the damage done to my respect for my friends and fellow countrymen pre-election was only the part of the tsunami where the water gets sucked out to sea and the beach becomes supremely still, when everyone is looking at one another feeling connected in the silence as it dawns on all of you what a bad idea it was to come to the beach.

It was with that mindset that I woke to find I had been tagged in the following post:

General poll to my Trump supporter friends & family:
1: are you happy with what he’s “done” in his first week
2. Do you honestly support it?
3. Why?

Lord have mercy.

What followed was surprisingly refreshing…

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