Where Grace Goes To Die

Does Grace matter in current western culture, that doesn’t think anything we do/feel/believe is wrong?

Grace according to Merriam Webster: unmerited divine assistance given humans for their regeneration or sanctification.

In my experience, our lives are cloudy and fruitless when we just pretend we’re not doing anything wrong, or put someone’s feelings about their morality above the reality of morality. I’ve started equating “moral” with “healthy” when I chat with people. There is something that is best for us as humans. It is obviously not best for us to eat McDonalds every single meal, though I often want to try. It’s not best for us to binge watch TV to the extent we accomplish nothing productive in our day and have no deep relationships. Right? So why wouldn’t there, in our biology, our psychology, our spirituality, be a best for us when it comes to sexuality and how we interact with others? This MUST be so, especially if you acknowledge God as Creator, Lord, and that He’s given His Word to us.

There’s a best. We haven’t lived up to it. We’re actively hurting ourselves and others. The best was revealed, through the Law, through Jesus’ teaching and even more than that, he became sin for us, and offered us redemption and restoration to right relationship. We can’t be cancer patients that just walk around pretending we don’t have cancer! We can seek treatment and direct others to treatment. It’s not about us or judging…it’s about acknowledging our OWN sickness and brokenness and pointing to the Doctor. The unmerited favor and divine assistance of the Creator God of the universe for U S.

I’ll tell you from a personal standpoint, freedom wasn’t found in pretending I wasn’t a sinner. I never had the luxery of being in a community that told me what I was doing sexually was ok. Even now, I’ve confessed my story to people and had them offer me the empty reponse of “oh, I don’t think that’s that bad/a sin.” “It’s really just important you’re accepting yourself.” I poured over scripture and couldn’t find a get-out-of-jail-free scripture. Freedom was found when I hit rock bottom and faced my sin. I found grace and freedom when I confessed to others…sometimes because I had wronged them by lying to them and not living with integrity…sometimes just admitting what I had sinned against God and against this other person. Their grace proved God’s grace to me.


Culture says:

Pretend you aren’t sinning

Hang out with people who will also pretend you aren’t sinning

Live trapped by your “nonexistent” sin



Bible Says:

You’re a sinner.


Receive God’s Grace (bought for you at the Cross via Jesus Christ)


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