Sex is our God

If our culture was right and sexual intercourse was simply two bodies engaging in a physical act, reacting physiologically and shaking hands and heading on their way, then sex couldn’t be our god.

But it is.

It’s become the end-all and be-all of all things. Every commercial, every television show, every song, every book. My identity. My identity has become “who are you attracted to sexually?” “What gender do you feel like?” “Who have you touched/in what ways?”

Children have been sacrificed on the altar of this god. If pregnancy is the unwanted consequence of a night of sex worship, it can be removed. Though the actual process of baby-removal is brutal, devastating, bloody, and always results in 50% of the humans involved DYING, it will be touted from the social media rooftops “Shout your abortion.” They convince you: This sacrifice on the altar meant nothing to you, it’s just appeasing your god.

From the Disney channel on up, it’s follow your heart (they mean genitalia and feelings). So what if you’re married with children? This new co-worker makes you feel things your wife no longer does. You’re no longer in love with her. Follow your heart. Leave the wife of your youth and your children. Worship at the altar of your god.

Women and men both become objects to be used in worship then you can discard them and move onto the next. The pornography industry provides 2D figures (often enslaved) for use in our worship…no consequence of those nasty feelings or real relationship.

It’s all connected and unraveling it would be too scary.

When sex is our god, we turn to all of it hoping for some sort of comfort.



Sex with whoever will have us (who cares about gender, the differences between men and women)

Children need to get out of the way so we can worship more freely

My feelings. My body. My choices. My. Me. Mine. 

But it’s left us broken and empty.

But here’s what God set up:

A man leaves his father and mother (one man, one woman, in covenant relationship) and is joined to his wife (one man and one woman). They enter into a covenant (3 part relationship with God as seal) that says “Even when you don’t follow through on your part of bargain, I will be faithful to this agreement.” The man’s physical, mental, sexual, and emotional drives spur him to provide for his wife and their children. The woman’s physical, mental, sexual, and emotional drives bond her to this one man and their children. Their sexual satisfaction is better than their peers. They both live longer. They are healthier. The man tends to earn more at work. They are less likely to be in poverty. Their children are less likely to have sex as teens or get pregnant before marriage. Their children are more likely to finish their education. Their children are less likely to be homeless. Their children are less likely to commit crimes or be incarcerated.

Everything God sets up is to protect us, to provide for us. When we worship the real God instead of this fictional one, what a difference it’d make in our world.


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