Stop “Affirming”. Offer the Gospel.

I tend to put Christians in three categories when it comes to beliefs about homosexuality and scripture.

Group 1: Believers who place the highest priority on Scripture and use it to change their worldview, not the other way around.  This means, whether they live it or not, they accept that the Bible says healthy sexual expression is only between one man and one woman, in a marriage covenant.

Group 2: Believers who place a high priority on Scripture, but add their own laws on top of laws in the Bible. Legalists, Pharisees. These folks might think and act like homosexuality is the worst sin a person could struggle with or act on and that it’s the highest ranking of the sexual sins.

Group 3: Believers who are uncomfortable with the growing divide between Western culture (since 2001) and what Scripture teaches, so they have desperately sought something that would help scripture adapt to the culture regarding sexual ethics. Seems like much of the time, it has to do with the ideas of social justice, having someone who identifies as gay in their friend group or family, or simply seeing sexual ethics as something that changes with the decade.

I have been on the outskirts of both Groups 2 and 3 at some level as I’ve grown up, but as my faith matures, I desire more and more to be rightly aligned with Group 1. It seems in the current state of my city and age group, I’m interacting with Christians who are proud of themselves for being in Group 3 and this is the group I find the hardest to have grace for.

If you identify as gay and you’re in Group 3, that’s one thing. I get it. When one deals with the emotions, confusion, and attraction like this, especially as a Christian, we’re desperate to be right with God. But it’s unfortunate when we think that changing what God said will accomplish that, because it won’t. That’s my frustration with Group 3. I struggle with fury when I consider this argument. Being gay is ok. It’s God’s design. The Bible is wrong. You were born that way. If you feel something, then that means it’s ok to do it. No one would choose to be gay. Paul didn’t mean monogamous relationships. God just wants love. God just wants monogamy. Jesus never said anything about homosexuality. Love is love. Those slogans don’t even work if you’re reading them from a fortune cookie. I don’t understand how the new “affirming” apologetic could be so popular when it’s less than an inch deep theologically or philosophically. But worse, the majority pushing this drivel these days aren’t people who themselves struggle with the confusion, but people who see themselves as wanting to get involved and that this is about social justice or making people feel better about their emotions, pushing that because you think that’s what’s right… your deception is dragging people into the pit.

How dare people take the Gospel of Jesus Christ and in essence say that it doesn’t apply to me or people like me.

You’re telling me that God created all humans, and filled page after page of stories of using murderers, thieves, adulterers, prostitutes, tax cheats, Pharisees, fishermen, judges, evil and good kings, left-handed prophets, a woman with 5 husbands, and roman officials to propel the Good News…that God became a man, that Jesus walked the earth and restored broken and diseased limbs, made blind eyes see, made deaf ears hear, made food multiply, told fish to swim into nets, read minds, read hearts, could never be trapped by a question and could never be out thought or out maneuvered, who forgave and loved extravagantly, who told OCEANS TO “SHUT UP” AND DEAD PEOPLE “WAKE UP” doesn’t have grace or power IF you’re attracted to someone of the same gender.


That’s the issue you’re going to try to whitewash out of scripture?

That’s the thing that makes you feel too dumb to believe is true in the Bible because our culture says different?

Don’t you dare come to me with your version of the Gospel. It’s not good enough. Don’t edit and scrape away the Gospel thinking you’re making it palatable for “those” people…because being attracted to the same gender, or confused about one’s gender or sexuality somehow means they don’t deserve to look square into the eyes of Jesus and be devastated by the brokenness that separates us from him? If you love people, Group 3, you’ll wake up and realize that the only thing that matters is following Jesus. Not an identity based on who you’re attached to or your preferred pronouns. Not the idea that you might be single for life [Like Jesus…] or not have kids. No. Nothing. If you offer a Gospel that stripped Jesus of his convicting and saving power, then God help you. People like me deserve better from those who call themselves Christ-Followers.


One thought on “Stop “Affirming”. Offer the Gospel.

  1. Very well said. Liberal rectitude and political correctness is not only superficial, but debased. All the polyester rainbow flag needs is a swastika.


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